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The company mainly focuses on BCD technology, targeting industrial grade power supplies below 100KW as the target market. Base stations, servers, switches, smart homes, PCs, power equipment, medical instruments, etc. are all the main application scenarios of the company's chips. QR control chips with a frequency of 500kHz, 5kW PFC chips, 800W LLC+PFC, Combo control chips, and 2kW current mode LLC chips have all been mass-produced and shipped.

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: 10W
    • Output Power: 10W
    • Remark: The down bias resistor is external; additional starting resistor is required for N
    • PWM Controller: LP3715CLK/CK LP3715NCLK/NCK
    • SR Controller: LP3568AH
    • Recommend Volt.: 5V2A

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