FAE, Field Application Engineer

Job Description

Needs: 4 people

Salary: 20K-40K/month

Location: Shenzhen, Changsha


Job requirements:

1. Assist in sales and promotion of the company's products, and timely track the progress of key projects;

2. Cooperate with sales staff to provide customers with product selection and technical support in the process of customer debugging;

3, the sales staff to carry out the necessary product knowledge training, sorting and production of product promotion and application of the product part of the promotional materials;

4. Handle the abnormal quality problems in customer production;

5, for the company's new product development to collect market information and technical indicators.



Job responsibilities:

1. Proactive, honest and trustworthy, cheerful, good communication and problem solving ability;

2. Junior College degree or above, major in electronics;

3, skilled application of protel,AD,pads and other PCB software;

4. Familiar with switching power supply topology, transformer design and other key device selection;

5. Familiar with PD charger principle and related protocol requirements, can independently develop QC3.0, QC4.0, PD protocol fast charging is preferred;

6. At least 3 years working experience in switching power supply design or FAE power supply chip.