Embedded Software Engineer

Job Description

Needs: 2 people

Salary: 15~30K/month

Work Location: Changsha


Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer/electronics/electrical/automation, more than two years experience in embedded software development;

2, proficient in C/C language programming, proficient in embedded software development; Proficient in CortexM3/M4 or Ti 280xx series DSP;

3. Familiar with motor control or digital power control, completed the motor or power project based on Cortex M3/M4 or Ti DSP is preferred;

4. Proficient in digital circuit design, can assist electronic engineers to complete schematic design;

5, keen on product research and development and technology development, with a strong sense of responsibility and open mind;

6, dare to challenge, self-motivated, have good communication skills and team cooperation ability.

7. Above CET-4, can read and understand English IC specifications normally.


Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the embedded software development of motor controller and digital power supply;

2, and hardware engineers to carry out project requirements analysis and system structure design, write hardware interface definition documents and software structure documents.

3, according to the standard software development process, complete the software design, coding;

4. Work with hardware engineers to complete joint debugging and testing of software and hardware;

5. Be responsible for summarizing the problems in the debugging process and the Debug process, and writing the debugging report;