Switching Power Supply IC Application Engineer

Job Description

Needs: 2 people

Salary: 30K-40K/month

Location: Shenzhen, Changsha


Job requirements:

1. Graduated from electronic/electrical/communication/automation/instrument major, bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years working experience;

2. Have solid basic theoretical knowledge of power electronics, and can independently design and debug flyback, forward, LLC power supply, ACF, PFC, half-bridge or full-bridge power supply;

3, can skillfully use oscilloscope, electronic load and other power test equipment; Familiar with the function and application of various electronic components; Familiar with transformer working principle and theoretical calculation;

4, can skillfully use mathematical software for theoretical calculation of circuits and magnetic components, can skillfully use circuit simulation software for system circuit simulation;

5, can use the number of power supply commonly used EDA design software, familiar with the common power industry design specifications, industry standards, safety regulations and EMC certification standards;

6. Have the ability to read and write English, can write English application manual;

7, the courage to challenge, self-motivated, with good leadership and teamwork ability;


Job responsibilities:

1. Lead the team to design, design and debug the Demo application board of switching power supply for the control/synchronization/protocol chip of high-power AC/DC switching power supply;

2. Be able to independently complete the Demo design and debugging of the new AC/DC power supply IC, test and verify its function, performance and reliability, and output application documents;

3. Cooperate with market engineer/IC design engineer to analyze market trend/customer demand/competitive products and complete IC function/electrical parameter definition;

4, according to the customer's specification requirements, for customers to customize the development of application systems;